Perpignan is easily accessible from St. Laurents de Cerdans, by road it is just over an hour away. It is the last major town in Languedoc before the Spanish border, so it’s easy to see why the flavour of Perpignan is essentially Catalan.

There are many things to do in Perpignan, one of them is to see the Palais des Rois de Majorque, this was originally used as a king’s residence but today it is really only the gardens and the courtyard that are worth visiting.

Saint-Jean quarter gives you an idea of Perpignan’s past, you can wander through the narrow lanes and take in the splendour of the mansions and stately homes.

The cathedral in the city is Cathédrale Saint-Jean and this has been there since 1602.

One of the attractions is the railway station, this was made famous in 1963 by the artist Salvadore Dali who said that he got his best ideas from sitting in the stations waiting room.