Local Area

While you are staying at Lo Mas Paré or the luxury apartments in St Laurent de Cerdans, there are various places that you can go and visit for the day.

Gorges De La Fou which is only about 20 mins away from Lo Mas Paré. You can walk along the gorge for about 1.5km and at its narrowest it is only about 1 m wide.

The market in Ceret is also worth a visit, it is famous for its cherries. Here you will be able to see street musicians, the market sells all sort of things including meats, cheeses, olives and salamis through to local toiletries and artisanal goods.

The castle at Carcassonne is located on the River Aude and is close to Narbonne and Toulouse. Also at Carcassonne you will find Basilica St Nararius which is also worth a visit.

The furthest place to visit is probably Requesens Castle which is near Cantallops in Spain about 30 mins south. It is also known as El Castell de Requesens.

Known as the ‘Land of Inspiration’ Collioure is an idyllic place on the rocky coastline, nestling in an unspoilt, protected environment. This small Catalan Port is sheltered by a creek where the waters of the Mediterranean meet the rocks of the Pyrenees. Much more than just a beach, Collioure is a unique place to enjoy the Catalan well-being and lifestyle!